My Story

Q&A w/ KyKy
How old are you?  25 years young!

What is your favorite food?  Anything with taters! (those are potatoes for yall who don't speak my language quite yet.)

What is your day job?  I am an occupational therapist, working to bring independence to individuals' lives after they experience a life altering injury, or onset of medical condition.

Where did you grow up?  I lived in Paducah, KY most of my childhood and all of my teenage years!

What is one word people would use to describe you?  Unfiltered...if that is a word.

What is your choice beverage? Moscow mule!..or pretty much any craft beer.

What is your next dream travel location? Internationally, I really want to go to Switzerland, Iceland, or Greece! In the US, I want to go out west. I would love to visit Colorado again, and the Lake Tahoe areas.

What is your favorite restaurant of all time?  I honestly couldn't choose! However, the restaurant that has been very constant and that I would never turn down would have to be Flamingo Row in Paducah, KY!

My name is Kylie and i absolutely love everythng about eating, making, and talking food. In the past year, I have moved 4 times with my 5th move coming up here soon. I finished up graduate school, graduating with a masters degree in occupational therapy last december. This milestone forced me to leave my home state of Kentucky and travel the country from top to bottom, literally. I moved several times during the year in order to complete internships to "officially" complete my degree. With stints in Lexington, Ky, Atlanta, GA, Nashville TN, and then Chicago, IL... my love for expanding my culinary world only grew. Last summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Europe for almost 3 weeks with stops in England, Scotland, and Ireland. I think it was there that I decided to not only take pictures of food (I've done that for years...), but also share them with a community that also finds them interesting and exciting. In November 2017, I started my food instagram, which has led to this blog today- KyKy Eats.